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Aiden, There has been some recent and somewhat underappraciated work in philosophy on the issue of "reasonable disagreement". I don't know the literature well myself, but had the distinct privelege of commenting on Richard Feldman's paper on the subject at the Inland Northwest Conference in Philosophy a few years ago. You can probably find that paper at his web site via a Google search. I will see if I can't track down other references tomorrow at my office and post them. I think you will find this discussion interesting.

Second, your comments are reminiscent of Humean skepticism. Reaching waaaay back, I seem to recall that the Chinese (?) philosopher Nagarjuna was sometimes compared to Hume, so you might find it profitable to look at either or both of those figures.

Finally, I just want to clarify that I was speaking of the "logical SPACE" of belief. You might think of this as the space of possible(i.e., internally consistent) positions one might take with respect to a given issue. We tend to treat the logical space of Belief pretty coarsely--atheism,agnostocism, and theism. Of course, everyone knows that there are differences within each of these categories and that they probably aren't themselves exhuasitive (Zen Buddhims, for instance, doesn't fall neatly into any of the three views). But there is often an implicit assumption that the differences between these categories are more interesting than the differences within them. And that, I think, is a mistake.

Aidan Maconachy

Thanks for the info Marc, I'll look up these links.

Good sailing!

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