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Tony Marmo

I agree with your reasoning in general terms. But just to clarify what you mean, let me ask you this. You present the three initial points of the fallacy:
1. Theory T is committed to the existence of Fs.
2. Fs do not exist in desert landscapes.
3. Therefore, T is false.

My reading of point (1) is that it does not explicitly say where Fs exist. Against (2) the first and most obvious argument is that Fs (may) exist elsewhere.


Tony, yah. I was making the background assumption that the only things which exist are desert dwellers.

Tony Marmo

Ok, I see. Your second argument against the scary movie fallacy seems stronger. If I understand you, what you mean is that the second falacy looks like the chicken versus egg Byzantine discussion: Which one came first? The egg or the chicken?

Of course, I am a suspect in this case, because I am not very fond of empiricism. Empiricism is kind of a Museum article, with a XIXth century flavour, you know.

Although I guess one empiricist could argue that since Ghouls are imaginary there can be no empirical evidence of their existence, so that it does not matter what T is. In such a case, it would be as if in a Byzantine discussion like chicken versus egg the empiricist picks either one of them... I prefer your argument.

Offtopic: I noticed you have been working a lot. Your blog is full of new and interesting stuff.


"Offtopic: I noticed you have been working a lot. Your blog is full of new and interesting stuff." Thanks, but don't you mean NOT working?! :^)

Tony Marmo

Blogs are the future of academic discussion. A researcher of our generation who has no blog is like a runner without legs.

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Hahaha good point Marc, indeed too much free time.

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