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Marc, thanks for thinking of us, but I for one don't mind the current name. The title is neutral on contributors' locations and the parenthetical remark in the subtitle seems to cancel the Laramie implication. Given that all of the contributors currently listed were at one point or another in their philosophy careers in the Rockies (specifically, near the Front Range), the name might even be fitting.

Maybe I can put in a request, if not for a new name, then for a sidebar listing recent posts. Posts seem to move from the blog homepage to the archives at the end of each month or so, which seems unfortunate. A list might be convenient for those who pop in only every now and again.


Change the name?? No way! It's cool.

Kenny Easwaran

Glad to meet you this week, and to see the other guys again! I agree with John's point.

marc moffett

Hi Kenny. Likewise.

I guess the name stays the same. As per John's suggestion, I have placed "Recent Posts" link on the left side-bar.

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