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Mark Brown

As I previously mentioned, I'm interested in the 3-hour version of the horseback riding event.

Paul Weirich

The group from University of Missouri, Sara Chant, Zac Ernst, and Paul Weirich are planning a three-hour horseback ride (without the evening dinner).

James Beebe

Is anyone else interested in snowshoeing the high country? I'm thinking about going, but I would prefer not to be the only philosopher.

Also, I would be interested in basketball on Wed. at 5:50 (Half Acre Gym, UW Campus), but again I do not want to be the only philosopher.

marc moffett

I'll definitely want to play ball wednesday. I'm not sure about snowshoeing. I think Mike Pelczar wants to do some flyfishing, so I might join him on that.

James Beebe


Should those of us who want to play basketball on Wed. simply show up at the gym at the appointed time? Or do we need to get something from you ahead of time that authorizes us to enter the gym? I'm asking now because my wife won't let me arrive in WY until Wed. afternoon.


marc moffett

Hi James,

I will arrange things so that individuals registered w/the SEP conference can simply show up. I will also be available that day so that people who are ready can walk over to the gym with me.

Nick Treanor

James, I like the sound of snowshoeing too. Count me in.

marc moffett

Nick & James (& others),

If you haven't already done so, please contact Dan McCoy at the above contact information to sign up for the outing.

Mike Pelczar

Anyone else want to go fly-fishing on Friday 5/16?

Nicole Wyatt

Count me in for the 3 hour horseback ride as well.

James Beebe

The snowshoeing outing will really be a lot of fun. But as of right now, we don't have enough SEP participants signed up. If there aren't enough, the outing will not take place. So, if you would like to join us, please go ahead and sign up.

Tony Dardis

I'm game for the float trip on the Platte.

Kirk Ludwig

Hey, I'm for the horseback ride, the three hour one. Definitely a green horn here. The last time I was on a horse was in high school. But better a green horn than a sore foot, I always say.


Adrian Bardon

I will be going snowshoeing if my back problem improves enough in time. I will have to make a last-minute call on that. I told Dan the situation already.

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