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Mark R.

Just a quick hello to everyone. I am rather humbled to be in such learned circles and look forward to sharing viewpoints and learning new things as well.

I've likely got differing views on the ethics and morality of catch-and-release fishing/hunting, so I hope to become better informed on that from Mark K. It's become a big issue on certain popular Alaska streams which have shifted to C&R fisheries somewhat because mortality of king salmon and other species was too high and certain user-groups demanded more opportunity to fish. So there has been a paradigm shift of sorts toward C&R sport fisheries, and slot limits, which has many Alaskans a bit alarmed, as we are behind the lower-48 in many ways and we're just now seeing some of the problems of overuse and allocation dilemmas in our fisheries that have prevailed in Eastern Canada and the lower 48 for some time now.

Not judging...but interested in engaging in rational discourse on that issue. For many, it's 'playing with food.' Which is a hard pill to swallow.

-32 here this morning; I'm about a half-degree below the Arctic Circle and it's been one of the coldest March months on record.
Best to all,

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