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marc moffett

Hi Lee, Glad to have you on board! Lee has written one of my all time favorite comments on hunting. As the story goes, it was written on a placard next to his contribution to a pot luck dinner:

"This animal, like its ancestors and progeny, was produced locally. The meat herein was produced as a result of free genetic exchange (no artificial insemination). The animal was not castrated, or forced onto a synchronized breeding schedule. She lived to maturity (4 1/2 years) and reproduced at least once, but most likely had three sets of twins. The meat contains no antibiotics, synthetic steroids, artificial growth hormones or insecticide residues. Its production required no landclearing, fencing, fertilizing or feedlots. Her life did not contribute to the destruction of associated fauna and flora. No manure was collected or spread on erosion-prone pastures to produce (or as a result of) its growth. This animal was not confined, transported or kept in crowded conditions at any point in its life. The lean, unmarbled meat was not wrapped in plastic and Styrofoam packaging. No nitrates or sulfites were applied to prevent discolouration. No fossil fuels were used for specialized refrigerator transport or cold-storage ageing. Associated inedible parts were not reconstituted into cattle meal or dog food. Inedible parts were fed to indigenous fauna (most likely coyotes, magpies and ravens). Her bones provided calcium to the aspen grove where she was feeding. Substantial calories were metabolized by the hunter over several days to secure this meat. She died quickly, and honourably. Before, as well as after, her death she was treated with reverence and respect. Allowing my participation in a natural cycle was this animal's gift to me. The energy that flowed from sun to plant to deer now also flows through me. This meal does offer reflection, natural continuity, appreciation, health, hope, and tangible renewal of life. Let us prey."


Mark Richards

Great placard comments by Lee!; thanks for sharing that Marc.

Hi Lee, good to have you in the discussion; look forward to learning from your perspective on the "sacred game" and other issues.



Thank you for sharing.

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